Providing Quality Products

The safety and quality of our products are critical to maintaining the trust of customers and our company's reputation. It is our goal to provide safe products that meet high quality standards. It is also our policy to comply with food and product safety laws applicable to our company and its operations.

Our working relationships with the supplier community include the development of Performance Foodservice proprietary products under our own written specifications and guidelines to assure product quality and integrity. Our guidelines in the fruit and vegetable categories meet or exceed USDA standards. In the category of meat products, Performance Food Group currently partners with numerous suppliers who support and implement animal welfare policies. These policies are science-based strategies that serve to strengthen animal welfare practices across species and enhance the humane treatment of food animals. The policies, which are regularly updated to follow industry best practices, are under constant review by experts in animal husbandry, veterinary medicine and agricultural production to reflect the latest technology.

Performance Food Group is committed to sound environmental, health and safety standards. We maintain active working relationships with industry associations and government agencies including the International Foodservice Distributors' Association, National Meat Packer's Association, Produce Marketing Association, U.S. Department of Agriculture and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. We will continue to reinforce our commitment through the ongoing assessment of industry best practices and the advancement of our own internal initiatives in these areas.