Working to Reduce Waste

In support of our environmental policy, we have implemented several programs including the testing of biodiesel fuels for our transportation fleet and the installation of on-board computer systems and governors to improve fleet routing, fuel efficiency, and reduce emissions. With regard to fleet management, we also recycle water used to clean our trucks and use all EPA approved detergents both internally and with our contracted maintenance vendors.

We comply with hazardous waste regulations per EPA RCRA laws. And, for air quality measures, we're installing Variable Frequency Drive Motors on our compressors. Our refrigeration systems comply with EPA Tier Two reporting, and we have invested in computer control capabilities that support these safety and efficiency measures. To monitor our results in all these environmental and safety areas, we conduct field assessments on a monthly basis at the individual operating company level and generate internal reporting.

We have implemented  recycling programs for paper, glass, and aluminum, in our administrative facilities, for cardboard containers in our warehouses, and use pallets made from recyclable materials. We use energy management systems to monitor power usage and allow us to minimize our energy consumption. We have also installed HID efficient lighting in many of our warehouses.

PFG covers millions of miles a year across America distributing food to our customers. Because of this, we have invested in many technologies that enable us to reduce idle time in our trucks, drive more efficient routes and increase our overall fuel efficiency.  We have been working hard to rollout technologies throughout our companies and we are constantly evaluating new ways that we can save fuel – and in turn help impact our environment.

We are committed to educating our customers on how they too can make an impact on the environment. We have produced our own "Guide to Going Green" that provides guidance on how to get started on the path to a greener operation.


Local Commitment

There are also many ways that our local operating companies have stepped up their commitment to the environment:


PFG Customized – California

We've installed nearly 4,000 solar panels at our operating company in Southern California.  The system generates more than two million Kilowatt hours annually – nearly half of the facility's electricity needs.  Over the life expectancy of the solar panels (25 years), the panels should offset nearly 80 million pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2) – the equivalent of 7,516 passenger cars annually. 

Performance Foodservice – NorthCenter 
Our Augusta, Maine Facility is now powered 100% by wind. By purchasing Renewable Energy Credits (REC’s), national organizations, such as Green-e, verify that the wind power is available and guarantees that our purchased energy credits are truly derived from wind power.

Performance Foodservice - Houston
Recognizing the benefits of energy-efficient lighting, Performance Foodservice - Houston recently replaced all of their warehouse lighting with energy efficient systems, including motion detectors. The expected savings is 588,484 kWh per year.  As a result of this reduction, 819,500 pounds of CO2, 3,555 pounds of SO2, and 1,742 pounds of oxides of nitrogen were prevented from entering our environment.