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About MenuMax


Backed by unique patent pending technology MenuMax’s easy to use application is designed for back of house optimization. With MenuMax, user’s can manage recipes, organize inventory, calculate food costs, obtain detailed nutrition analysis based on recipes and create nutrition labels meeting all FDA guidelines.



  • Nutrition Analysis
  • Food Costing
  • Labeling
  • Menu Engineering
  • Inventory 


Nutrition Analysis: MenuMax’s nutrient database features over 27,000 ingredients derived from ESHAdata and USDA SR-23 nutritional information, making it the most complete and unrivaled product on the market

Food Costing: MenuMax allows users to calculate food costs down to the penny. Users can manage profit margins by viewing total recipe cost, single-serving cost, and food-cost percentages thereby generating a financially strong menu

Menu Engineering: MenuMax allows you to create your very own nutrition label for each menu item. By providing the most accurate single-recipe and full-menu nutrition values, MenuMax helps you meet consumer demands and comply with menu labeling laws.

Inventory: MenuMax allows you to customize your inventory experience. Modify locations to fit your unique business, organize products into categories/locations for easy inventory management and create detailed count sheets that let you take inventory the way you want to.

More Information

To get started, click here or for more information visit  MenuMax online at www.menumax.com