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Save Thousands Per Year!

RD Fresh uses a proprietary mix of zeolites (clinoptilolite and chabazite) along with montmorillonite and coconut shell carbon. The minerals have a unique 3-dimensional structure (similar to a honeycomb) consisting of interconnected tunnels and cages. Moisture and gas molecules move freely into the tunnels, and are then trapped within the cages.



Moisture accelerates the spoilage of meat. Spoiling meat produces ammonia and nitrogen, which in turn further accelerates the spoilage. RD Fresh absorbs water (H2O), ammonia (NH3) and nitrogen (N).


Spoiling fish produces carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and ammonia. RD Fresh absorbs carbon dioxide (CO2), hydrogen sulfide, (H2S) and ammonia NH3).


Produce emits ethylene gas, which accelerates the spoilage of other produce. RD Fresh absorbs this ethylene gas to help slow the rate of spoilage.



Steve Gerson

Steve Gerson, Coach of the 1997 Gold Medal British Virgin Islands Culinary Team and author of 'Contemporary Caribbean Cusine' has been Chef of his own award winning restaurant, Food & Beverage Director at a number of exclusive Caribbean Resorts, and Consultant to properties throughout the Caribbean. While conservation of energy, food safety and food freshness is important worldwide, it was the particular difficulties faced by isolated island resorts that after thirty years in the Hotel and Restaurant Industry, led Mr. Gerson to the development of RD Fresh. 


Savings For You And Your Community

Existing PFG Customers will receive 10% off of RD Fresh Products. RD Fresh Distributing, like Performance Food Group, is commited to ending hunger in America. As a result, proceeds from the sales generated from PFG customers will go towards distributing RD Fresh to local food banks across the country.

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