Increase Check Averages - Maximize Sales & Profit - Provide Superior Service


EFFECTIVE STAFF TRAINING is Critically Important for Every Restaurant…If you are NOT training staff weekly, you are Leaving $$$ on the table and NOT providing SUPERIOR SERVICE to your Guests!  

The Restaurant Business is one of the Most Competitive. In a down economy its difficult just to survive, let alone thrive… GIVE your restaurant EVERY ADVANTAGE!

The “KEY” is Recognizing & Capturing the vast hidden opportunities in your restaurant that most servers miss. I call these servers “Order Takers” because they are Not Trained to Serve & TO SELL!

$ALES $TARS make profitable suggestions that your guests will enjoy!

Knowledge is Power and many times guests are first time visitors who know nothing about your restaurant… when staff are $ALES $TARS trained, they are empowered to Educate, Inform & Recommend “What’s Great” at your restaurant at the precise “MOMENT of TRUTH” before the Sale is Lost Forever! This is SUPERIOR SERVICE. In fact, if your staff is NOT telling your guest what’s GREAT, you are doing your guests a DIS-SERVICE!

$ALES $TARS is a Highly-Effective “TRAINING BOOT CAMP” that teaches and conditions your Front of House staff to RECOGNIZE & CAPTURE Sales Opportunity at Every Table, Every Time! It is also a “Soft Sell” approach Realistic and Proven to INCREASE CHECK AVERAGES, SALES & PROFITS while providing a Superior Level of Service to Guests.


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