Valutec Card Solutions is a full service gift & loyalty card solutions provider. For over 10 years, they have served as an industry leader in pre-packaged and custom gift card programs and merchandising tools. Our focus is on maximizing the return on investment for each merchant program by providing the right tools for the job and the information needed to make your program a success.

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Gift Cards

  • Gift Card programs have been proven to outsell paper gift certificates for merchants of all types and sizes
  • Sales increase ranges from 20% to 500% in first year
  • Cards create advertising value as small “billboards” inside your customers’ wallets
  • Prominence in the wallet enhances brand awareness and customer purchase frequency
  • Unlike paper certificates, Gift Cards are safe to display where customers can see and buy them—a Gift Card has no value until activated at the register
  • Cards may be loaded with any dollar amount or limited to a minimum and/or maximum value
  • Cards may be bulk-loaded for special promotions and marketing campaigns
  • Central database system processes transactions in real time from any location
  • Activity reports provide an audit trail to eliminate fraud associated with certificates

Loyalty Cards

Points and rewards are set up to encourage customer loyalty and shopping frequency

A variety of Custom Gift and Loyalty Card Program are available:

  • Auto Rewards: system converts points to spend-able dollar value on the card
  • Open Redemption: no specific reward levels—points are redeemed in any amount Multiple Award Levels: up to six reward levels are established based on points earned for purchases
  • Prepaid Value: when a customer loads value on the card, merchant adds extra value
  • There is no limit to the number of times a card can accrue and distribute rewards

Other Business Applications

  • Store Credit: cards may be loaded with the exact value of a merchandise return or other credit to reduce refunds and provide a convenient way for customers to use their store credit
  • Advertising & Promotion: electronic coupons, swipe-and-win events, fundraisers and direct mail campaigns—the marketing applications of electronic cards are as wide open as the imagination 

Technology/Data System

Secure, real-time transaction processing for single and multiple-location merchants.

  • Cards are easily activated, redeemed and reloaded at point of sale (POS).
  • The POS terminal provides communication with the data center for accessing database information, recording transactions, and loading or unloading card balances. The terminal displays messages from the data center in response to certain requests.
  • Reliable, real-time transaction processing, secure information storage and retrieval, optional web-based transaction interface.
  • Automated, monthly funds reconciliation for multi-location merchants.
  • Daily batch report from terminal produces a chronological list of all transactions.
  • Monthly corporate summary statement reports all activity by transaction type and location during the period, as well as total fees billed.
  • A variety of program activity reports may be accessed online at any time.
  • Toll free customer support is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

 Other Products

  • Social Networking
  • Text Message Marketing
  • Key Chain Cards
  • Promo Cards
  • Promotional Mail
  • Custom Marketing
  • E-Commerce Options


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