Performance That Matters

At the heart of Performance Food Group is our commitment to serving communities across the nation. Inspiring our associates, providing innovative, sustainably-sourced products, and positively impacting the environment through energy management are crucial to this mission.

Corporate Social Responsibility


The health of our planet affects the food supply chain, and reducing our environmental footprint plays an important role.


We provide cutting-edge products with a focus on sustainability, animal wellness, and safety.


Our associates are our strength. Their leadership, diversity, and compassion help us achieve more.


Delivering for communities

Our ESG strategies are strong initial steps toward creating meaningful change, but we have also made a tangible difference through our actions. Our inspiring associates, innovative products, and impactful environmental policies are delivering on the promise of service to our communities.

The Values We Share

PFG’s Governance Approach

Our Board is engaged with the company’s ESG strategy and is a key driver of efforts to integrate this agenda across segments. We also established a Governance committee to manage and implement our strategy, a central part of which is the implementation of policies and standards in accordance with our values.

Corporate Social Responsibility Report

A comprehensive look at Performance Food Group’s continuing efforts to address critical environmental and social issues.

As a company, we have made major strides in our approach to the challenges affecting our planet and our people. The 2023 Corporate and Social Responsibility report explores the ways in which we are positively impacting the world around us, innovating with new sustainable products and processes, and inspiring our associates to be their best selves – all with an eye toward our efforts in 2024 and the future of the industry.

2023 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

2022 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

2021 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

2020 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Supplier Code of Conduct

PFG partners with organizations that share our values

Food supply challenges and ethical and sustainability concerns are issues that affect us all. PFG has made a commitment to partner with suppliers, distributors, and other third-party entities that represent the high standards we require in the industry.

PFG Supplier Code of Conduct

Related Policies

PFG supports standards that protect people and the planet

We understand the importance of protecting our planet and the people who inhabit it. PFG has established clear policies in the areas of the environment, climate change, and human rights that demonstrate our leadership on these critical issues.

PFG Enterprise Human Rights Policy

PFG Environmental Policy

PFG Climate Change Policy